Sponsor the Jam

From 21st to 23th November we will be holding the Scottish Sustainability Jam during which participants will develop ideas for services that will benefit communities both locally and globally. In order to do this we need the support of partner organisations that care about promoting sustainable change in our communities.

As the event is not-for-profit we have secured support in the form of a venue as well as workshop facilities and trainers to support in the development of prototypes from University of Dundee, Skill Share Ltd and Dundee Botanic Gardens.
However, we also need a partner company to provide some financial support in order to provide food, drink and some additional resources for the participants. In exchange our partner can benefit from tickets to attend the event as well as inclusion on our website, Twitter and Facebook.

Brighton based strategic consultants Haig we last year’s sponsored our last jam, and this is what they had “We think we got more out of the event than the participants did. The energy, enthusiasm and ideas coming out of this event are astounding.”.

Contact us if you think your organisation could potentially support the Scottish Sustainability Jam.


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