Jam Programme

We have a plan!

This is a little of what we have planned for the Dundee Sustainability Jam Weekend. We are looking forward to meeting you all, as we hope you will help us to lift the plan off the paper and make it a reality.

Dundee Sustainability Jam 2013 – Schedule from hazler on Vimeo.

Friday 22 November –  5.30pm to 9pm

Meet up + sustainable speakers + play games + eat food + discover secret theme + generate ideas + choose themes + form teams = the start of the JAM!

Saturday 23 November – 9am to 9pm

Eat breakfast + discover design tools + hear about Skillshare + explore + share stories + prototype your ideas + dinner + drinks = the best part!

Sunday 24 November- 9am to 6pm

Eat breakfast + more design + more prototyping + put a lid on projects + upload them + present them to Dundee (and the world) + party + drinks = awesome + inspiring day!

After the presentations… it is time to party! 

Big thanks to Amanda Bataller who brought our words to life with the injection of illustrations.

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