Sustainability Jam 2013 Team

The Dundee Sustainability Jam was organised by a multidisciplinary group of young minds, who are interested in design, sustainability and communities in Dundee. They believe it is always important to consider the element of fun, particularly when striving to create something sustainable.

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Hazler_06  Hazel Saunderson

Hazel jumps between being a marketer, a designer and a writer. After studying in three leading European design schools, she set off on a trip to research the cycling cultures in Europe and continues to muse about the value of riding bicycles on Just Riding Round. Hazel has written about sustainable design for Inhabitat and is currently sharing a number of creative explorations on Accept Chaos. Hazel loves sunny days, making interesting experiments, bringing stories to life and collaborating on exciting projects.

David Sanchez  David Sanchez

David is a passionate ecological designer, who enjoys teaching and researching sustainable behaviours. He is currently studying a PhD which develops didactic material for designers to become aware of Nature’s designs. David is always exploring ways to communicate wildlife conservation, growing food with his local community and facilitating workshops for young people and grown-ups. David loves cooking, making terrariums/planters and beekeeping.

Sarah Cox  Sarah Cox

Sarah is a PhD researcher, exploring how design can drive innovation and shape organisational cultures. She is excited by new ideas and figuring out how to make them a reality. When not reading about design thinking, she can usually be found engaging in some design doing. You can find out what she is currently up to either at ApplyCreate or her personal blog Innovation Through Design.

Ross Crawford  Ross Crawford

Ross is a designer who likes to re-imagine public space, play with services and work with communities to develop spatial responses to social challenges. Ross is a sucker for shiny gadgets and gizmo’s, so you can definitely rely on him to be the ‘go to guy’ for any tech issues during the Jam. He is also looking forward to getting involved in some quick and dirty prototyping!


Finlay Page  Finlay Page

Finlay is a Product Design student in his final year at DJCAD who takes great joy in using nature to shape new and exciting forms. Finlay is a strong believer in the purity of design and likes to design using natural materials. You will often find Finlay down at the recycling centre trying to find a hidden gem to up-cycle into something new. Finlay is exited about getting stuck into some quick and dirty prototyping and meeting some like minded people!

Finlay Page  Amanda Bataller

Amanda is the illustrator who added a touch of magic to our Sustainability Jam Schedule. She studied Fine Arts in Valencia and spent a year in Dundee studying illustration. She is currently freelancing as an illustrator and graphic designer, alongside studying for a Masters of Design for Services at DJCAD. Amanda made a children’s book (The Iron Giants) about environmental awareness and is in the process of illustrating another children’s book about ducks for the Scotland’s National Nature Reserves, as part of the Year of Natural Scotland. She loves cooking, eating and being creative with food.

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Lucienne Kennedy

Lucienne has a background in Anthropology and Geography, and is currently studying for an MSc Design Ethnography. She is relatively new to design and design thinking, but has always had an interest in ecology and sustainability (her undergraduate studies encompassed classes in biology, geology, ecology, organic horticulture and botany). Lucienne worked at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies for several years as support staff for conferences and workshops, where sustainability was a big part of the culture.

Sophie Buergin  Sophie Buergin

Sophie is a Design Thinking coach with a background in design management. She has worked on Design Thinking projects within a range of industries including automotives, telecommunications, sports and banking. She recently founded an association which crowd-funded  money to produce the first Swiss surf movie (which will be released in Spring 2014). Sophie is a doer, who likes to get things started and get people talking. She enjoys prototyping and visualizing ideas (lego is her thinking tool) and is handy with a number of service design tools.


Picture 34 Craig Owens

Craig trained as a jeweller in Dundee and uses his craft knowledge to create research tools investigating how people relate to sustainability. He is now studying a Masters in Design Ethnography and his current work explores how people build relationships with nature, in particular, how to develop empathy with the natural world.  Craig has run workshops on this subject, exploring with others aspects of biophillia.