Jam Tickets



The Dundee Sustainability Jam hopes to welcome a good mix of students, industry and community members to this weekend event, so we have split the tickets up into 5 options as detailed below. All the active tickets will cost £8.00, with just the insights ticket being free.  These will be available to book through Eventbrite from 9am on Wednesday 5 November.

Dundee Jammers 2013



Students Tickets
We are looking for students of any discipline that are full of energy, ideas and open to collaborating. You will be excited about working with industry professionals & the local community & we can guarantee that this will be a worthwhile break from a weekend at the Union.

Industry Tickets
We are looking for people who are happy to share their experience and knowledge, but also open to new ideas and exploring new ways of working. You will be excited about working on a fast paced project & we promise that you will feel invigorated with energy and ideas by the time you are back at your desk on Monday morning.

Community Tickets 
We don’t mind who you are, what you do or what your background is – we would welcome your input in our weekend Jam. You will excited about learning a little more about the design process and we promise you will have a number of inspiring stories to tell once the weekend is over.

Anyone and Everyone Tickets
If you have read all the descriptions above and think you fit into all of them or none of them – then this is the ticket for you. So sign up here if all the other tickets are sold out, you are not sure where you fit or you just don’t like labels.

Insights Tickets
If you think the Jam sounds great and you would love to taste it – but you can’t commit to a whole weekend. We are happy to welcome people to join us to hear the final presentations from the groups at 3pm on Sunday 24th November, when they will be presenting their ideas and reflecting on the creative process.

<a href=”http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/dundee-sustainability-jam-2014-tickets-14092837055?ref=ebtnebtckt&#8221; target=”_blank”><img src=”https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/custombutton?eid=14092837055&#8243; alt=”Eventbrite – Dundee Sustainability Jam 2014″ /></a>


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