Digital Resources for the Jam

Image by Donna de Servizio on Flickr

Image by Donna de Servizio on Flickr

While working away during the weekend, you will create material for upload. It might be presentations or films, and you must respect the copyright on any images, films, logos and especially music you use. Please do not use copyrighted material as one of the risks is that whatever you publish will soon be blocked.

‘Safe’ material is that published as ‘public domain’, ‘Creative Commons’ license, bought online material or material you make yourself.

Here’s a list of suitable online resources to get you started (please just check the ‘Creative Commons’ conditions of use if necessary):


Copyright free music:,,

Icons (many under creative commons):

A fast and free app that allows building prototypes for apps on iPhone:

Free patterns for graphics:

Colour palettes:

Building apps fast & without coding:

Online tool for creating website wireframes:

Mostly free icons:

Service design tools:

Sound recordings, sound effects and other free audio content:

Creative Commons licensed images:

Creative Commons service design icon set with all possible icons for service design and jamming: