Thank You from Dundee Service Jam 2014

The Dundee Service Jam 2014 organisation team would like to say a huge ‘thank-you!’ to all of you who joined us for the weekend, and gave so much time, enthusiasm, and dance moves(!) towards making the Global Service Jam in Dundee such rollercoaster of a design adventure.

GSJ Dundee 2014

Jammers at Dundee Service Jam 2014

We really managed to build on the creative energy generated during Dundee’s first Jam in 2013. Throughout the weekend, there was a great buzz of excitement through connecting digitally with other jams, such as our ‘twin’ in Palermo (remember the rather lively three way-thumb war?), and the likes of Washington, Beirut and L.A. More locally, you also managed to engage the community using intriguing research and engagement tools when you hit the streets of Dundee.

In the space of just 48 hours, some impressive service prototypes with themes such as healthy eating, adult play, housing, and stereotypes were developed and shared with the world on Planet Jam. Who knew all these concepts could stem from a simple image of a flat-packed box!

We were also lucky to have some fantastic guidance through mentoring kindly provided by David Hamilton, Service Director at Dynalucid; Hayley Scanlan, Young Scottish Fashion Designer of the Year 2012; and Gillian Easson, Co-Founder of Creative Dundee. A really insightful introduction to service design was also provided by Hazel White, Course Director of DJCAD’s Master of Design for Services. We would also like to thank DJCAD, Dynalucid, Find My Past and Jade Pavilion for their generous sponsorship to help ensure that the weekend was a success.

More Jam Anyone?

So, now that you’ve seen how it’s done, are you interested in organising a Jam yourself? There are two more Global Service Jam events taking place this year; GovJam, which aims to rock the public sector; and the Global Sustainability Jam, which focuses on issues of sustainability and the environment. If you would be interested in contributing to one of these events, get in touch and we will try and put you in contact with other potential fellow organisers.

Spread the Jam!

So now that we’ve all had a chance to recover, we are going through the process of pulling all of the documentation together to ensure that we have a good record of the event to share online with the worldwide creative community.

We have begun to upload photos to Flickr so that we can all relive our great memories of the Jam. It would be fantastic if you could post any images you have of the event to our Dundee Service Jam 2014 Flickr group. Just remember to tag all photos with #gsjam and #gsjdundee.

Please also post a comment on our blog or Facebook page, or drop us a Tweet if you have posted any personal reflections about the Jam online. We will link to all posts on this blog as a way of collecting and sharing our experiences of the event. (Check out these great blog posts by Gillian Easson at Creative Dundee, and GSJ Dundee jammer Susannah McGowan for STV.)

And finally, as a lasting reminder of the weekend, here’s our Dundee Service Jam one minute JamTV video in which you all star. Remember – YOU ARE THE JAM!

See you at GSJ Dundee 2015!

GSJ Dundee Selfie

Our GSJ Dundee Selfie via @caitlinclairem on Twitter



Can’t make a whole weekend?

Want a taste of the amazing jam experience, but can’t come for the whole weekend? Well, you can with a Jam Lite ticket!

We appreciate that it’s a big ask to spend a whole weekend at a Jam. Childcare, family commitments or the need to just relax prevent many people from taking part as a full time jammer. But we want the Dundee Service Jam to be as inclusive as possible. If you’ve just an hour spare, or even half a day, then come along and be a real part of a unique global creative experience. You can join one of the teams, who will welcome you to contribute to their project, listen to the high energy informative talks that punctuate the weekend, or just have a cuppa and chat to the jammers. Take a look at the jam programme and decide when you want to visit.

Saturday afternoon is a great time to join in. It’s a busy time, and lots of scope for contributing to the creative ideas taking shape. We will have special guest mentors on hand, and one of our Jam Doctors will bring you up to speed and help you settle in. But any time is fine with us!

Everyone is welcome. Every single person has unique experiences and skills they can bring to the Jam. Whatever your age, occupation or interests – you are welcome to join us.

All we ask is two things from you. First let us know in advance when you’re coming – this is so we can welcome you at the main door and take you through to the Jam. You can do this by tweeting your name, day, time and ‪#‎jamlite‬ to @gsjdundee. Second, we ask that you make a small voluntary contribution based on what you think the experience is worth, from as little as 50p.

We want you to be part of Dundee’s contribution to the world: the Global Service Jam.

Thanking our Sponsors: Dynalucid

Our sponsors, Dynalucid

Our sponsors, Dynalucid

Global Service Jams are not for profit events, and without the support, time and dedication of those who love trying out creative ways of working we could not make our Dundee Jams happen.  As such we are incredibly lucky to receive the sponsorship of Dynalucid.

Dynalucid is a design consultancy that understands the value of placing users at the core of service design to deliver effective solutions. To this end they have developed humancentred service design tools and approaches, which they use to improve the services of a wide range of corporate and public organisations.

Given the emphasis the Global Service Jam places on engaging one-to-one with potential users as part of the Jam experience we are fortunate to have such an innovative partner to support us in delivering our event.  To everyone on the Dynalucid team we would like to offer our sincere thanks!

Follow Dynalucid on Twitter.



Dundee Has ‘48 Hours to Change the World’

At 5pm on 7th March 2014, a global design event will kick off in the city that will once again place Dundee on the map of creativity. The Dundee Service Jam will offer participants just ‘48 hours to change the world’.

The Global Service Jam movement began in 2011 and has grown ever since, with over 120 locations and nearly 3,000 people taking part around the world in 2013. Dundee participated for the first time last year and hosted the 9th largest jam in the world. With around 70 participants the 2013 Dundee Jam had more attendees than either Los Angeles or New York, and was the biggest jam in Scotland, and only second to London in the UK.


‘Jammers’ at Dundee Service Jam 2013

Like other locations all over the world; from Kampala to Kathmandu, Amsterdam to Athens, Stockholm to Shanghai; the Dundee Jam will provide an inventive, engaging, and fun environment for designers, students, professionals and the community to address serious global issues. New design methods will be used in a collaborative way to develop new service ideas. These could be health services, commercial services, community services and new business ideas.

Like a music jam, a design jam is also about improvisation and working fast and risk free to try out new ideas and new ways of working, all while generating a buzz of excitement through connecting with other ‘jammers’ all around the globe using various social networks.

Ross Crawford, an interiors graduate, was one of the organisers of last year’s jam:

“We had business people, social workers, students, designers and many others of all ages working together on challenging design issues. And the big challenge is – do it in two days! The excitement generated was incredible, but for me the highlight was connecting in real time by video with other jammers from Beirut to Bogota.”

Kirstie Snowdon is a jewellery student, and one of this year’s organisers:

“The point of a jam is that it’s active and engaging. People of Dundee can expect to see us out on the streets, testing our ideas and involving people in creative design. Whatever happens, there will be a lot of fun on the streets!”

The Dundee Service Jam is being organised by a group of students, staff and graduates from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design at the University of Dundee. They have secured generous sponsorship to help ensure that the event is a success.

Dundee Service Jam opens at 5pm on Friday 7th March and closes by 6pm on Sunday 9th March. It is taking place at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design, Perth Road, Dundee.

There will also be considerable photo opportunities during the event itself, which can be discussed further with the event organisers.

Tickets can be purchased from our Eventbrite page.

You can also follow Dundee Service Jam on Facebook and Twitter.

Announcing Dundee Service Jam 2014

GSJ GLOBAL LOGO DUNDEE13.6Friday 7th to Sunday 9th March 2014

Dundee Service Jam returns in 2014 and we invite you to challenge yourself this March and commit just 48 hours of your life to designing with a difference!

Tickets available soon

This event is taking place in conjunction with the Global Service Jamso we will be joining teams jamming in 100+ cities, from countries around the globe to design new services in just 48 hours. After our success last year as the 6th best attended jam worldwide (Yes, little Dundee was at the top with the world renowned mega-cities!), we hope this years event in Dundee will bring together a dynamic set of people from across Scotland to research issues, identify ideas and design creative solutions in a fast paced environment.


The main aim of the weekend is to have fun in a creative way! Weekends often provide a much needed break from the working week, so we advise you not to think of this as work. Instead envisage an action-packed design adventure. We will connect with a number of the global design jams during the weekend and by the end of the jam you will have the chance to present your design ideas to the world!

Everyone is welcome to join the Jam! 

The Dundee Service Jam would like to welcome a diverse group of people (service designers, object designers, sustainability experts, professors, business people, teachers, hackers, makers, artists, illustrators, musicians, students, friends and family), to form teams with mixed skill sets and work together to create real-world ideas which can make a little difference… or perhaps a big difference. Your familiarity with design is not important, as you will be guided through the process by our facilitators throughout the weekend and we have created different ticket types – so simply choose the one that you identify with most.