Thanking our Sponsors: Dynalucid

Our sponsors, Dynalucid

Our sponsors, Dynalucid

Global Service Jams are not for profit events, and without the support, time and dedication of those who love trying out creative ways of working we could not make our Dundee Jams happen.  As such we are incredibly lucky to receive the sponsorship of Dynalucid.

Dynalucid is a design consultancy that understands the value of placing users at the core of service design to deliver effective solutions. To this end they have developed humancentred service design tools and approaches, which they use to improve the services of a wide range of corporate and public organisations.

Given the emphasis the Global Service Jam places on engaging one-to-one with potential users as part of the Jam experience we are fortunate to have such an innovative partner to support us in delivering our event.  To everyone on the Dynalucid team we would like to offer our sincere thanks!

Follow Dynalucid on Twitter.




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