Dundee Sustainability Jam Needs You!

Picture 75

We have sold 29 tickets so far, which is brilliant!

We asked our jammers what skills & knowledge they will bring to the Dundee Sustainability Jam next week and we have started to collate some of their responses in the word cloud above. As you can see, there is a brilliant selection of people signed up – so we can’t wait to meet you all. However, we would love to see this cloud grow and diversify even more – so book a ticket and come share your skills with us, we still have a number of tickets left!

Eventbrite - Dundee Sustainability Jam

Remember – everyone is welcome to join the jam!

The Dundee Sustainability Jam would like to welcome a diverse group of people (service designers, object designers, sustainability experts, professors, business people, teachers, hackers, makers, artists, illustrators, musicians, students, friends and family), to form teams with mixed skill sets and work together to create real-world ideas which can make a little difference… or perhaps a big difference.

Your familiarity with design is not important, as you will be guided through the process by our facilitators throughout the weekend and we have created different ticket types – so simply choose the one that you identify with most.

Want to be involved, but not sure if you want to Jam?

We are looking for a few volunteers to complete the following roles – email us at dundeeservicejam@gmail.com with some examples of your work if you would like to be considered for these posts.

Documentation Volunteers

If you love taking photographs and making films, but could do with some experience and willing people to participate in them. Then we could do with your help at the Jam weekend. We would like to ensure this event is documented and are keen to take some short video vox pops of participants, plus plenty of photos over the weekend. We will reward you with food, drinks, the company of inspiring people and an opportunity to have your work showcased to an international design audience.

Social Media Volunteers

If you love to Tweet, think Instagram is amazing, know your way around Storify and WordPress blogs. Then we could do with your help at the Jam weekend. We are keen to make the most of this unique opportunity to connect with designers and inspiring minds in a number of countries around the world in these few short days by proactively reaching out on social media and recording our progress and interactions online as we go. We will reward you with food, drinks, the company of inspiring people and an opportunity to connect with an international design audience.


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