A big Thank-you from Dundee Service Jam 2013

Dundee Jammers 2013

That’s all folks!

All of the Jam organisers would like to say a huge “Thank-you!” to all of you who took part and gave so much of your time, energy and enthusiasm to making the first Global Service Jam in Dundee such an amazing experience.

Although this was the first Jam to take place in Dundee, the response we have had has been amazing.  GSJ Dundee was the 8th best attended Jam in the world, and the 2nd best attended in the UK.  London had three more participants than us, although after the success of the event we may well be climbing up the ranks in 2014!  This reflects both the growing interest in service design and the strength of the creative community in Dundee, of which we are grateful to be a part.

Staying in touch

Speaking on behalf of the organisers, we are experiencing a little post-jam come down and didn’t want to wait until March 2014 to have some design-inspired fun with you all again.  Following on from the popularity of the Jam we will be organising a monthly mixer in Dundee for anyone interested in service design called The (ser)Vice Squad.  The first event will take place on Wednesday 27th March in Dundee City Centre (venue to be confirmed).  Please spread the word and we hope to see you there!

Want more Jam?

So, you’ve seen how its done; are you interested in organising a Jam yourself?  There are two more Global Service Jam events taking place this year; GovJam, which focuses on the public sector, and Global Sustainability Jam, which focuses on issues of sustainability and the environment.  If you would be interested in contributing to one of these events, get in touch via our Facebook group and we will try and put you in contact with other potential fellow organisers.

Always be uploading!

So that all your hard work from the weekend is not lost we are going through the process of pulling all of the documentation we can together and we plan to publish the presentations and videos recorded at the Jam over the course of the coming week.

We have started uploading images to Flickr so that we can all share our great memories of the Jam.  It would be fantastic if you could post any images you have of the event to our Dundee Service Jam 2013 Flickr group.

Please also post a comment on our blog or Tweet us if you post any personal reflections about the Jam online.  We will link to all posts on this blog as a way of collecting and sharing our experiences of the event.

And last, but not least, here is the Dundee Service Jam Harlem Shake in case you would like to show any of your friends and co-workers what you got up to over the weekend.

See you in at GSJDundee 2014!

Thankyou Jammers!

Thank-you from Think Marmalade and our event sponsors, Taylor Haig.

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