The team behind the jam

The Dundee bunch

The Dundee bunch

The Dundee Service Jam is being organised by a team of bright young designers who operate under the name of Think Marmalade.  You can get in touch with us via our Dundee Service Jam Facebook page and Twitter account.

Introducing the team:

Sarah Cox


Sarah researches innovation through design. She brings a desire to better communicate the value of design to non-designerly organisations and seeks greater understanding of how design and business currently speak to each other. A new convert to service design following the 2012 Global Service Jam, Sarah has been really inspired by the enthusiasm of her fellow Jam organisers and all those that have given their encouragement during the planning of this event.

Talk to Sarah on Twitter.

Ross Crawford


Ross is re-imagining public space in his honours year at DJCAD; playing with services; exploring design, urbanism & working with communities to develop spatial responses to social challenges. 

Dundee will be Ross’ first Global Service Jam and he is looking forward to getting involved in some quick and dirty prototyping! Being a sucker for shiny gadgets and gizmo’s you can also rely on him to be the ‘go to guy’ for any tech issues during the Jam!

Chat to Ross on Twitter.

Paula Grubb


Paula is developing a creative platform called Show Off to showcase artistic work of emerging artists and designers in a public setting. Show Off is designed to enable young entrepreneurs to test the market and gain exposure for their work prior to graduation.
Paula carefully considers the real needs of the client when designing and enjoys using and learning new service design tools and methods throughout her design work. Paula attended her first Global Service Jam in 2012 and is proud to be part of the team to host Dundee’s first ever Jam this year!

Communicate with Paula on Twitter.

Mira Kirvesmaki


Mira brings passion and love for the service design way of working. It’s something she gets immensely inspired by and wants to share with others. Luckily she has a loud voice.  She believes in the power of people who come together to collaborate out of the sheer love and curiosity towards what they do. Mira is also an advocate of the rubber chicken method.

Confide in Mira on Twitter.

Natalia Mazur


Natalia is a design thinking enthusiast with a passion for problem solving. She is currently studying Master of Design for Services so she would be more than happy to assist our Jammers with any questions about studying this forthcoming discipline at the University of Dundee. Natalia loves to visualise so pass any spare markers in her direction.

Get in contact with Natalia on  Twitter.

Linsey McIntosh


Through Linsey’s role as lecturer in Interior Environmental Design, her undertaking of the Master of Design for Services programme at DJCAD, and time in industry; she brings knowledge of creating human-centred experiences and spaces, driven by the use of co-design tools and methods to engage a wide range of people in the design process.

Converse with Linsey on Twitter. 

Mike Press


Mike teaches and researches design in Dundee. Sometimes he writes books on it. He brings enthusiasm to the jam and a passionate belief that design can be a progressive force for change.

Interact with Mike on Twitter.

Anna Rzepczynski


Anna brings experience of successfully working with people from designers to medics to civil servants; using a creative and vibrant approach to engage those she meets. She is driven by promoting and demonstrating the broad value of design, advocating there is a vital need for it in our services and organisations.

Get in touch with Anna on Twitter. 

Virginia Vila


Virginia brings her passion about Technology, Communication and USER JOURNEYS! She enjoys mixing her Interaction Design skills with her love for Service Design to create better user experiences or improve existing ones. Her favourite things about the Jam are the “secret theme” and the positive reactions of the Jammers when they discover what Service Design is about. During the Jam expect to see her smiling, sometimes dancing and involved with everything (she gets very motivated by the dynamic of the Jam).

Consult Virginia on Twitter.

Hazel White


Hazel brings experience of working with people from carers to accountants to hospital consultants, enabling them to use their knowledge and creativity to improve services. And she’s looking for talented people to join the programme in September.

Contact Hazel on Twitter.


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